Quidsin is a wonderful way to promote your new business or service. Our members love to discover new ideas. Some of our biggest hits prove this fact. Garra rufa fish attracted over 200 eager customers wishing to get their toes nibbled. BloKarting also went down well with 226 members now looking forward to be catapulted across St Ouens Bay powered by the wind. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have new and creative ways to entertain the local population. With over 3400 members even the most niche ideas can become instant hits.

call quidsin on 634001 or email info@quidsin.com and we will discuss ways of putting your idea into the limelight.



Hello March

Thank you all our faithful (and some fanatical) Quidsiners for your wonderful support and comments during the month of February.

It is never easy to nurture a new business through the tricky start up straights but with your help we are now set fair to bring you more and better deals.

We love to see you when you pop into the Quidsin office/depot to pick up products that we offer and we can tell from your comments and demenour that you are enjoing our service.

Are sails are filled and we are set fair to continue on this exciting voyage of discovery and are determined to return with more local treasure to offer to you all.

So its a big High Five from the Quidsin team.

Whoop Whoop roll on spring



Month’s End

It pleases us all at Quidsin to announce that we have enjoyed yet another record breaking month purveying deals to you, our loyal members.

This month we have saved a total of £43000 for Quidsiners which we are sure that you have all appreciated.

We have noticed that many more discerning businesses are now contacting us in order to offer great deals. From Pig rearing to teeth whitening, car valeting and fire wood. Is there no end to the creativity of small local businesses?

We adore working in this space and look forward to expanding our scope, our membership and your savings.

See you in February



Sold Out

That is the third time that we have sold out of a Quidsin offer. We keep in touch with our deal providers throughout the day that we feature their deal and if there are any concerns about capacity and ability to cope with the demand that the daily deal creates then we can apply a cap accordingly.

The last thing that we want is to generate undue stress on the businesses of our deal partners.

Sorry for those that missed out but we must ensure that the win win win situation that group buying delivers is carefully managed.

Thank you to all our members for your growing support.




Blog about logs.

Who says that group buying cannot influence the economy. We will sell over 50 tonnes of logs today. That’s over 14 truck loads.


Keep warm.


Happy Christmas

Wow we have been sooo busy. Quidsin is really gaining traction and we have delivered over 120 daily deals, each of which have been well received by our members.

Admitedly there have been some techie hitches and unscheduled outages, but we are pulling through and gaining members at an ever increasing rate.

We believe that the secret to success in the group buying “social shopping” space is high quality content. There is no doubt that the group buying phenomenon, powered by the social networks is a win, win ,win situation,but our task is to ensure that the Quidsin Channel remains interesting and engaging.

Our phone is now ringing off the hook with ideas from small and medium sized businesses that now understand the value of the stream of new customers that our system can deliver.

It is true that the deal of the day does not deliver profit every time and to every business but it does deliver an influx of new customers without risking hard earned money on advertising expenditure.

Treated right these customers will become loyal freinds and generate repeat business.

Onward and upward, have a fabulous Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year. We look forward to some fun in 2011. Thank you all for your support and don’t forget. we are always on the end of the ‘phone, email and especially at Facebook/quidsin if you need to communicate your requests, frustrations and ideas.



since 2010

Virtuous Circle

Some call it the Network Effect , others Viral Marketing, we say Powered Word of Mouth. However you describe it, the internet can generate incredible response to a good idea particularly now that many are connected through the social networks.

The group buying phenomenon is here to stay. In the past you could buy offline and online, now there is a third way, group together and buy.

O.K you may not have the same choice or immediacy as going down to the shops or clicking on Amazon, but you will get a bargain. The more that get together the better the bargain will be.

We have been astonished at the rate at which membership at Quidsin has grown. And as the membership grows, the deals that we can negotiate with retailers and service providers will get better.

We have learned much from our early stages of existence in our unique market place and we shall continue to learn and evolve to ensure that you, fellow islanders will benefit from group power in the marketplace.

More members - better deals,  better deals - more members, a true virtuous circle.




So Quidsin has delivered 40 deals. Some have been hot and others not. We know that we can’t please all the people all of the time but it is our job to please each of our members from time to time.

We are learning as we go and as our membership grows so will the data. We are picking up loud and clear that luxury food experiences and products are high on the list of desire and will continue to seek out the best deals your island has to offer in this sector.

Todays Champagne deal has surprised us, over 500 bottles of premium fizz sold in 18 hours. Hmmm does that give us a clue as to the aspirations of Jersey deal seekers?

We think so, watch this space for more similar opportunities to live a little whilst spending less.

QuidMaster General


The Quidsin Promise
  • Quidsin will select and present a variety of deals selected to represent the very best quality in your local area.
  • We also will strive to offer the best price out there, helping you to discover and trial new things and experiences.
  • We will rigorously vet any business that we feature to ensure that the ones that we feature are respectable.
  • We have a discussion board where you the public can have an open conversation with us about any of the deals that we present.

The Quidsin Promise…

If Quidsin lets you down, we’ll return your purchase.

Just a couple of exceptions to this bold statement.

The Deal a Day concept is new and groundbreaking, and as we move along with the experiment there are bound to be some instances where people take advantage, for example by asking for refunds for things outside our control or for other less than friendly reasons.

Secondly we’re not the merchant, so while we’ll accept a return if you feel like Quidsin did something that let you down, we’re still not legally responsible for injury or worse, inflicted while using a Quidsin voucher. In other words, Quidsin is a local guide and a deal site, not a site that alleviates you from common sense…

Fame at Last

Our founder and inspiration Mike Scragg appeared in the business pages of the JEP tonight.

Its great that our brand new enterprise has caught the attention of the local media already. We have been live for just over three weeks and already the good news is travelling fast.

We have learned so much already about the tastes and behaviour of our loyal members. here are a few facts:

More than half of our members return each day to have a look at the daily deal.

We are growing at a rate of 100 members per week.

The most vouchers we have sold in a day so far is 181

We have over 470 friends of our facebook page.


Quidsin is evolving rapidly and we are poised to launch into other markets which exhibit similar demographics to our lovely island.

We are working on ways of integrating you, our members, into the fabric of our site creating our own group buying community.

P.S any ideas welcome

Thanks for your support